Drivers and led lighting

customized on Elettrolab platform

Welcome to Delectra

We have developed over the years an effective and highly specialized working method, which allows us to offer to our customers tailor-made solutions, specifically designed to meet their needs and requests at best.Each device and solution we design, has grounded foundations in durable, reliable and highly tested technical known-how; we then develop, on top of these foundations, personalised elements as directly commissioned by our customers.

Delectra designs, assembles and guarantees Italian digital lighting solutions, resulting from carefully planned electronic design, skilled craftsmanship and at-scale manufacturing when needed, as well as high lighting efficiency hence low consumption.

Since 1984 Delectra customises the technology of the Group leader Elettrolab, with design and feasibility studies, of industrial applied electronic solutions, for the agri-food, electromedical sector and above all for every Lighting engineering related field, always at the highest levels.